July 10, 2014

Twitter Chats and First Year Preparation

Have you done a Twitter Chat before? I had never even been aware of their existence until yesterday and I immediately knew I wanted to participate in one. I heard about a few and found one scheduled for Wednesday evenings for Florida educators and tried it out. Holy cow... I'm an instant addict!

I met so many great teachers who also teach in Florida and they were so welcoming and encouraging. I learned a lot and can't wait to learn more every week! This kind of networking is what I love. I love to learn from others' great ideas and since I am quickly approaching the start of my first year teaching, there's a lot I can learn right now! If you don't already follow me on Twitter, click below to check out my profile and follow me for some more Twitter Chats. I'm planning on doing a lot of them!

Speaking of my first year quickly approaching, I've been preparing as much as I can. I haven't seen my classroom yet, but it looks like I will be seeing it some time next week (Oh... there will be pictures... You can count on that!). I did find out that my classroom will be a portable. I haven't quite decided my feelings on that yet. Of course there are pros and cons just as there are pros and cons to teaching in the main building. I guess I'll just have to find out! What are your thoughts on portable classrooms?

Without a classroom to set up, I've been doing my best to prepare what I can. I know that I'm doing a pirate themed classroom and created some decorations for it (which will be posted as soon as I have everything created!) But here's a sneak peek at what I've made so far! I am SO HAPPY with them!

I snagged some super cheap picture frames from IKEA when I was there (it is an hour and a half drive for me so I buy whatever I can when I'm there...). I initially had no idea what I wanted to do with them until now. I designed the 4x6 stand up frames to be table numbers. Depending on how that works, I may or may not change them to be center labels. But I know this is how they will be used for the beginning of the year!

The bottom photo are the basis of our class rules. I found this poem on a forum somewhere and I will have to tell you... I can't remember where I saw it! I would like to give credit to the person I took the idea from but I can't find it! If you use this poem, comment below! I think it is super cute and useful.

In addition to getting my decorations and rules poem framed and laminated, I also decided that I'll be doing a Kindergarten Time Capsule this year. That is when students' work from the first day/week of school are sealed in a box or an envelope and not touched till the last day of school. Then on the last day of school, you open it up and see how much they have improved! I am excited about it. I created my Kindergarten Time Capsule Book and you can download it by clicking the picture below!

Comment below about the pros and cons of teaching in a portable and let me know as well if you've ever participated in a Twitter Chat! Which one(s) do you participate in? I'd love to join in the fun!