July 14, 2014

Facebook Giveaway Going On Now! Yippee!

Hey ya'll! Today I am celebrating 100 likes on Facebook! I'm so thrilled!

I am giving away your choice of a binder cover set recently posted onto my TpT store! These sets of covers are very special to me.

Story time! When I was in my student teaching internship last year, I created some binder covers for myself and two of my closest friends who were also in their internship. I decided to tweak them to make them usable for other teachers and added in several covers for all those binders we have to keep up with. I named them after each of us!

We have ME! The "Amanda" Edition:

Then we have the "Susannah" Edition:

And the "Calli" Edition:

By clicking the images above, you will be directed to the product on my TpT store with more details and a list of all the covers you'll get!

To enter the giveaway, head on over to my Daisy Designs Facebook page, like the page, and comment on the giveaway post with one of your organizational goals for the upcoming school year! And don't forget to tag a friend so they can enter, too! Good luck, readers, and thanks for following, liking, pinning, and tweeting! ;)