August 21, 2016

TPT Bonus One Day Sale!

What?! Yep, that's right... TPT is doing another site-wide sale tomorrow! For those of you who missed the last big sale or for those like me who already have a crazy long wish list... tomorrow is the big day!

What's in your cart this time?

I, of course, am loaded with clipart because I'm not in the classroom this year (if you are wondering... NO, the baby has NOT arrived yet and he is definitely late...). Here are a few things I've got waiting for me! SQUEE!!!

Teaching in the Tongass has such cute bundles! I have a project on the to-do list with cars and transportation and this is just the perfect set!

How do I not already own this?? These graphics are PERFECT for a lot of the activities in my Wonders packs!

And this one is just a super fun one that I can't pass up. I'll be getting it tomorrow for sure.

Don't forget that the BUNDLES in my shop WILL be included in the sale tomorrow! That includes the Year Long Kindergarten Wonders Bundle which brings the price of all the units to almost HALF off buying them separately. It also includes my Year Long Second Grade Growing Bundle which is already dirt cheap at only $28 and it will include all 6 units as you need them this year. Unit 1 is already posted a available and you'll get the updates for free if you purchase the growing bundle! Check them out below!

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