June 4, 2016

Summer Bucket List

Ahhhh, Summer. The time of year where teachers catch up on their "me-time." Well, somewhat. If you're like me, you're making lists too long to handle and wind up not doing much of it. Either way, I have a Summer Bucket List and found a fun blog to link up with! Looks like these other teachers are going to have a great summer, too! Thanks, Mind Sparks, for hosting a fun linky!

1. I am an avid reader but during the school year, especially towards the end when it gets CRAZY busy, I just don't have the time to put into a good book for pleasure! And any time I read, I get so relaxed, I wind up falling asleep. So being a tired teacher, you can imagine I don't get much of the actual reading done! What's on your summer reading list? I've been out of school for 1 week and I've already read through 2 of the books on my list! I'm devouring them!

2. Ryan and I are going on a "baby-moon!" I just learned that term the other day! We have a trip planned next week to the Dillard House in Georgia. I have never been but it was his family's usual summer vacation spot and he has always wanted to take me there. Before travelling gets more difficult with a baby coming in August, we are going! His sisters and mom are joining us and I am getting really excited! One of his sisters is a photographer, too, and she's going to do some awesome maternity photos for us. I will make sure I post some when they're done. Can't wait! The pictures below are from the Dillard House's website. How beautiful!

3. The nursery is on its way to completion! We hired a lady to super deep clean the room since it has been a storage/junk room for the past like 3 years. Now we are starting to piece it all together! I'll post some pictures soon when it's nearing completion. Lots to do!!! But so fun!!! 

4. I have a list of some TpT products that need a makeover! Like most TpT sellers, I use the Summer as a time to make some necessary changes. It is always so nice to visit some old products and give them some attention again. My first update this Summer will be my Fairy Tale Unit, so keep your eyes peeled for some new goodies in it!

5. I am SO EXCITED to go to the TpT Conference this year!!! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that it is in Florida this year. I was planning on going before they announced the location change and was saving up my pennies to afford a trip to Vegas. Then I found out I was pregnant... and I wouldn't be able to travel that distance at 8 months pregnant. I'm sure you can imagine my joy when they announced it would be in Orlando this year!! I live an hour's drive away from Orlando, people! I can handle an hour drive! And my doctor gave me the okay to do so. So wide load coming through! I have a lot to learn and a lot of people I want to meet!

6. We all have Netflix goals these days, right? Gotta finish Gilmore Girls.

7. There are some Summer activities that this preggo just can't handle in the heat this year. But let me tell ya, there are a LOT of good movies coming out this summer! So you know where I'll be on the weekends. I'm also babysitting my best friend's 3-year-old and the theater in town does $1 kid movies during the week. So, they'll be seeing a lot of me at the theaters this summer...

8. Speaking of my best friend's 3-year-old... Liam is his name and he's stinkin' adorable. The teacher in me has all kinds of fun ideas for us this summer and you know I'll be blogging about it. Learning With Liam will begin sometime pretty soon. I have so many ideas pinned in Pinterest!

9. Other than Liam, I want to make sure I get some hanging out time in before the baby comes in August. My mom is a teacher, too, so its always nice to get to hang out with her over the summers!

10. And last but not least, I have an idea book that is over flowing with stuff I've been meaning to create and now is the time, people! I actually just made something for the beginning of next year for my substitute to use and it's super fun! I'll share it this evening when it is all completed! I might even have a video of it! ;)

At the end of the summer, my baby boy will be greeting the world! I have tons to do to get ready for his arrival and to make sure I capitalize on every moment before he's here that way... I'll have the ability to capitalize on every moment after he's here. <3

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