May 2, 2016

Are you ready for the sale?

As I've already posted about it (hastily in my extreme excitement!), but there's a TPT sitewide sale starting tonight at midnight! These don't happen often, so I usually lose my mind a little bit when they do.

Teaching in the Tongas is doing a great linky where sellers are sharing the products in their stores that are wishlisted the most. I took a look at my products and definitely wanted to share the items in my store that are wishlisted the most often and share that they will be ON SALE so now is the time to snag them!

NUMBER 1 wishlisted item: I am so glad this is my most wishlisted item. It is hands-down one of my favorite creations. I never wanted this unit to end when I used it with my own class of Kinders. It is my first fully integrated Sciene and ELA unit and is easily differentiated. There are quick black and white printables, full color centers, and even interactive notebook pages. It recently (like in the past week!) became the number 1 best selling product in my store.

NUMBER 2: This is the big guy and YES IT WILL BE ON SALE. This is a bundle of all the Kindergarten Reading Wonders Units that go with the Reading Wonders curriculum. The teachers at my school use these daily. With each unit priced at $20, the regular price of the bundle is $140 saving a total of $60 when purchased as a bundle. With the sale... it goes down to $112 **plus the extra savings from TPT's checkout code!*** making each unit $11 each... Seriously, if ever there was a time to clear this off your wishlist, it is NOW. You will be SO ready for next year.

NUMBER 3: An oldie but a goodie! There are tons of hands-on activities here that have a lot of arts and theater integration. An awesome update will be added to this pack over the summer, so by purchasing now on sale, you get the free updates later! Here's a blog post with photos of this pack in use! 

Happy shopping everyone! I am never as excited to spend money as I am on TPT sales!