March 3, 2016

Science Videos: Rocks and Soil

We started a new unit this week! Hooray! We started our Science Unit on rocks and soil so I went video hunting and found some real gems! Take a look below. I wrote a brief statement about each and how/why I will use them with my students. Enjoy!

If you have a Brain Pop subscription, the video on soil is AWESOME. It really allows the kiddos to understand the concept of living and non-living things that are important within soil and introduces tons of vocabulary words! You can't play the video without a subscription, but if you want to check out the site, click the image above.

If you are looking for a longer video, here's a Sid the Science Kid video "The Dirt on Dirt." I love how the little guy goes around and interviews his classmates on what they think dirt is made of. It shows students that everyone may have misconceptions.

My students love these little song videos I dig up on YouTube. Here's one on the types of rocks. Short and catchy!

Very interesting, good length of only 7 minutes, and has lots of REAL photos and videos. Also includes the goofy host, so... win/win.

My students had a hard time with the vocabulary word humus, so I found this amazing time lapse video of fruits and vegetables decomposing after 74 days. It sparked tons of great discussions like "why did the strawberries decompose first?" and "why were there new plants sprouting at the end?" My class begged to watch it three times today, so I'm pretty certain they'll know what humus is now. ;)

There are a ton of resources out there for this fun Science Unit and I'm working on a integration unit to put in my TpT store as we speak! In the mean time, enjoy these few videos I've found with your students! Do you have a great video to share as well? Post the link in the comments!

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