January 12, 2016

You get a snow day... I get a sick day...

I woke up this morning to find lots of Instagram shots of "YAY A SNOW DAY!" I cannot handle cold weather, so believe me when I say, that I am not in the slightest bit jealous of the snow. I live in Florida and can barely handle the cold here (sad, I know). Although some of you are getting a day off from school today, I have been out sick for the first time all school year... :(

I am planning on returning tomorrow but the cough I still woke up with today may not allow me to. We shall see. In the mean time, I'm trying to catch up on some Netflix and I'd like to finish my book today. Although I'd love to work on a TpT project today, I'm pretty sure that won't be resting. Sigh. This is dangerous though! I always buy a lot on TpT and Amazon when I'm home sick!

At least I have my fur-babies to keep me company and to keep me warm in my non-snow-day temperature of 51 today (oh my, that sounds pitiful even to me). I found these to make me laugh because I'm telling you every single one of them is true!

If you are home like me and adding things to your TpT cart (like me), check out these fun Winter activities to do with your class when you return from being buried in the snow! Most of my class has never seen snow (myself included)... but we still enjoy a good snowman activity. ;)

Happy Snow Day, Winter friends!

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