October 19, 2014

Another Sunday Scoop ALREADY?!

Seriously, where is the time going?? I can't believe it's almost Halloween, which means my birthday is right around the corner! Which also means that Blizzcon is right around the corner... which means my husband's friends will be here for a few days and I will have a PACKED house. Pros and cons, am I right?

AND, here we go! I love this linky. Click the button above to see more link-ups for The Sunday Scoop!

Does anyone else have a short week this week? My school district has a Teacher Work Day scheduled for this Friday, which I may or may not be here for. I might be going out of town but the day off hasn't been approved yet! Either way, I will either be happy with the day off and a mini-road-trip-vacay or I will be happy with a quiet day in my classroom getting caught up on things. What do you like about Teacher Work Days?

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