June 5, 2014

I Have a Job!!

I am extremely excited to announce that I decided on a position today and I am THRILLED! I interviewed at three schools and was offered a position at all three. This, of course, made my decision kind of tough. I applied at these schools all for a reason: that I could see myself working there. Since they all offered me a position, I had to really think. The other hard part was, two of the three interviews were today and they needed to know by 5pm today! Wow! So, I had to make a decision.

Hehe. This made me chuckle. I feel pretty good about how I'll do next year, but I'm sure I still have a lot to learn! So stoked!

I make it sound pretty awful and that I was wracking my brains for the short one hour I had to make a decision... but in all honesty, it wasn't too hard to decide. The school I chose made me feel comfortable and even in the short time I was there, I felt at ease.

PLUS, they offered me Kindergarten... how could I refuse?!?!

So, say hello to the newest Kindergarten teacher on the block, ladies and gents! Time to go shopping!